House Of Dreams

by admin on February 10, 2013

House of Dreams #2

There are days when I get up early, pack all my camera gear, and hit the streets looking for that perfect scene that is going to give me the perfect shot. I’ll drive around aimlessly all over Austin thinking that there is something out there that will catch my eye, but after a while I realize I’m trying too hard. The illusive image is no where to be found. After all this time you would think I would have gotten the message to let go of my attachments, and stop trying to make something happen that isn’t there. Many times I come home without a single shot but that never stops me from doing it again.

Then the next day I’m driving around without my camera and there it is… the shot I was looking for the day before. No camera, no picture.

Ah, and then there are the days when I’m driving along, listening to music, camera on the back seat and the shot I didn’t know I was looking for suddenly appears: my House of Dreams. What exquisite joy. An idea starts forming in my mind and I begin to see a whole set of images developing right before my camera. For me it doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you, God.

Today’s song is Fuego, Alma, y Pazby Salsa Celtica. Click on the image to see it on a black background.

11 Fuego, Alma y Paz




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